The company

Meat processing company founded in 1984. The company has modern dry-aging chambers equiped with humidity control at its disposal, in order to come up with tender and juicy meat.
The company was a pioneer in the field of traceability in all aspects of the production process.
The company has its own I+D system, which allows it to develop products of the finest quality in a careful and responsable manner

The team
Carne de vaca

The company´s workforce consists of dedicated people, which combines the knowledge of many years of experience with the audacity of the young.
Together, they continuously seek challenge through innovation.


Since the very beginning as distributors of meat, we have a track-record of developing new products, within the frame of the I+D system, such as the gastronomic burger, the eco beef burger , the lamb burger and, the most innovative of them all, the duckburger with foie gras.


Caydesa works only with the very best quality. We underline earning the trust of our customers through a long history of maximum certification and the strongest conviction in providing guaranteed quality.

It is our pleasure to invite you to our innovative world and share what we have to offer.

Know what you eat

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